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Did you know that there’s an online store that sells mangoes? Just mangoes...not mangoes and other fruits. Not mangoes and cucumbers. Nope. Just mangoes. An exclusive mango haven. Now imagine how many times you’ve craved mangoes but couldn’t bother going out to buy mangoes. That’s no way to live.

Mango cravings aside, Egypt’s e-commerce scene has been growing steadily over the past few years and we’ve been watching it bloom in the last few months. So, being a couple of tech geeks with a special affinity for aggregating data, we thought, “Let’s create a directory for every single online shop in Egypt”, and voila!

We thought we’d find 200 or 300 shops and call it a day. Right now, this directory lists 1000+ e-commerce websites that span everything from mangoes (obviously) to car parts, services, electronics, products for curly hair, grocery, clothes, home furnishings and much, much more.

You know what the best part is? We’re working on adding around 1000 more!

We’re truly in awe of the ecommerce scene we’ve uncovered, especially that a lot of these websites sell purely Egyptian products - and there’s nothing better than giving visibility to these awesome brands. Also, we want to help consumers find what they need with ease, whether it’s a product, or a governmental service they can complete online.

Watch this space, because we’re cooking up some very cool functionalities.

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